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Caochangdi: Beijing Inside Out

Caochangdi, one of more than 300 urban villages in the city of Beijing, tells a specific story about itself and its mostly illegal residents (including farmers, floaters, taxi drivers, and world class artists), but it also has embedded within it both the problems and the possibilities of a new urban space redefining the city of Beijing at this pivotal point in human history when cities make up half of the world’s population. The authors, who live and work in Caochangdi, dissect the multiple phenomena that form this dynamic urban condition.

About the authors:
Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann Ray are principals of Studio Works Architects in Los Angeles, teach at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) and the University of Michigan, and are co-founders of BASE Studios in the Urban Village of Caochangdi in Beijing. Their current interests have led them to work on urban change in China, especially as seen in Urban Villages such as Caochangdi and the potential for change in the New Socialist Countryside and Villages. Mangurian and Ray are architects, authors, and designers, and were awarded the Chrysler Design Award in 2001 for Excellence and Innovation in an ongoing body of work in a design field. In 2008, they were awarded the Stirling Prize for the Memorial Lecture on the City by the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the London School of Economics.

本书作者:罗伯特•曼古里安(Robert Mangurian)和玛丽•安•雷(Mary-Ann Ray)是位于洛杉矶的机构“工作室设计师”的建筑设计师,常年在南加州建筑学院以及密歇根大学讲学,同时他们还是北京草场地BASE工作室的共同创办人。目前,他们因兴趣驱使开始了对中国城市变化的相关研究,尤其是类似于草场地这样的城市农村以及社会主义新农村运动所造成的各种变革的真实潜力。曼古里安和安•雷两人身兼建筑师、作家、设计师等多重身份,在2001年还曾被授予“克莱斯勒杰出与革新设计大奖”。2008年,他们还被加拿大建筑中心与伦敦经济学校联合授予了斯特灵奖。

FULL TITLE: Caochangdi : Beijing Inside Out
SUBTITLE: Farmers, Floaters, Taxi Drivers, Artists, and the International Art Mob Challenge and Remake the City
13 DIGIT ISBN WITH DASHES: 978-988-17522-4-6
IMPRINT: Timezone 8
PAGES: 389
WIDTH: 6.00
HEIGHT: 9.00
COLOR: 325

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